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In case you have any questions or need help with anything - let me know!

Just drop me a reply here and I'll be right with you

Until then - take care!

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Promotion partner is the promoters of Oyaaa Network, who will publicize the value of OYAAA , and strive for more members for the community.

Promotion partners are supporters of Oyaaa Network.

Partners will become opinion leaders in the Network, not only affecting the interior of the Network, but also extending to the outside of the Network.

Join as a promotion partner

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✨🥳 It is about time that we see websites similar to Twitter or Instagram working with a cryptocurrency 🥳✨


🔜 With OYAAA ,User can generate Points by liking, commenting, and creating posts .💰
Points is the ticket of 'Daily OYA Bonus' which decides how much OYA Bonus you can get. 💵
Oyaaa is a new generation social media that works with blockchain technology.😎

✅OYA is the native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the OYAAA Network .
With MAX supply 1,000,000 OYA .
80% Airdrop
20% Oryx project

💖It's a major component of the ecosystem on the OYAAA Network.
OYA is designed to be used solely as the primary token and unit of exchange for the OYAAA Network.

🚀 OYAAA decentralized Network makes sure every creator receives an exchangeable token, regardless of the content created. Of course, as long as it doesn’t break the established policies. The tokenization also guarantees people around the world the ability to withdraw their tokens instantly and use them as they want without restrictions.

🤩✨It looks like Facebook and works pretty fluently✨🤩

🌈Airdrop Launch Soon After App version completed🤤

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Welcome To Oyaaa Network

Every can be discussed in Chatty Oyaaa.