How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Problem

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This post is for HP printer problems and how to troubleshoot them like Paper jam , and printing blank pages error.

Processes to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Error

In the event that you are searching for the answer for fixing an HP Printer Paper Jam Error then you are perusing the best article.

Now and again while printing, the printer quits taking care of pages. Also, a mistake message shows up as Clear jam, and afterward press OK on the printer control board.

Solutions for Fix HP Printer Paper Jamming Error

HP Printer Troubleshooting Steps - Assuming you can't find jams around there, proceed to the following arrangement. Recall paper jams can be genuine or bogus. Our answers run for both the genuine and bogus printer continues to stick issue.

Arrangement 1: Remove Jammed Paper From The Input Tray

1- Turn on the printer by squeezing the power button.

2- From the back side of the printer discharge the power line. Ensure the printer is still ON.

3- At that point, find the info plate on the rear of the printer.

4- Eliminate Jammed Paper From The Input Tray

5- Raise The Output Tray To Locate Input Tray

6- Delicately pull out the stuck paper from the information plate to fix the issue.

7- Examine the Input plate and search for any undesirable item if any to eliminate it.

8- Recapture the printer to its ordinary state.

9- Presently you need to reconnect the power link to the backside of the printer and afterward start the printer.

10- At last, attempt to print any record. On the off chance that the issue stays there, attempt the following arrangement.

11- Cautioning: Always attempt to determine paper jam mistakes through the back side of the printer. Since, supposing that you attempt this from the front side then it might annihilate the print component.

Arrangement 2: Removed Jammed Paper From The Output Tray

1- Discharge the power link and ensure that the printer is turned off.

2- To determine the paper stucked draw out the paper easily from the yield plate.

3- Delicately eliminate the stuck paper and its pieces of torn from the plate.

4- Guarantee utilizing both the hands while pulling the paper from the plate to abstain from tearing.

5- At long last, attempt to print. On the off chance that the issue endures, attempt the following arrangement.

Arrangement 3: Removed Jammed Paper From Rear Side of The Printer

1- Right off the bat, press the power snap to Turn ON the printer.

2- "Printer is ON" Now detach the power link from the rear of the printer.

3- Go to the back side of the printer. At that point, move the back access entryway to one side and pull it on your side.

4- Open Rear Access Door of the Printer

1] Slide the back access entryway to one side

2] Pull the back access entryway toward you

5- Easily lift any stuck paper or pieces of torn paper from the rollers inside the printer. You should utilize both the hands to pull papers to abstain from tearing.

6- Ensure you eliminate every one of the torn pieces from the rollers and their wheels assuming any.

7- Reinstall the back access entryway.

8- Close the Rear Access Door of the Printer

1] Position the back access entryway in the printer

2] Push the back entryway into the printer

8- Interface the power link to the rear of the printer. furthermore, Turn it ON.

9- Test printing, in the event that the issue endures, check for stuck paper around there.

How can you Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages Issues on HP Envy 4520,4500,5530.

"Help! My HP printer is printing clear pages." It would not be right to say that a great deal of you experience the issue and may not realize how to fix this issue. For fixing it, subduing the causes will be ideal. At the point when your HP printer is giving the yield of clear pages, its spouts might be obstructed or the cartridge might be having low degrees of ink. In different examples, degenerate printer drivers and programming issues can trigger the issue.

Our actions to fix this HP printer issue can be trusted. Established by the specialists, our manual for fixing the HP printer printing clear pages ensures fast arrangements. We will be changing the cartridges, adjusting the gadget, and refreshing the printer driver in this guide in addition to other things.

So how about we start this useful visit!

Solutions to Fix HP Printer that Prints Blank Pages

Learning the reasons for HP printer printing clear pages will have improved your comprehension of the issue. Presently, we will assist you with figuring out how you can tackle this issue. Our fixes are speedy and simple. They expect you to perform activities like checking the ink levels of the gadget, changing the cartridges, adjusting the printer, just as utilizing apparatuses like the Windows Troubleshooter. Follow the means accommodated every one of these 13 fixes and return to imprinting in less time.

Fix 1 – Use Original HP Cartridges

Utilize Original HP Cartridges to Prevent Blank Page

HP has suggested that you utilize unique HP ink cartridges and different supplies for printing. Authentic ink cartridges cause no harm to the gadget, lessen the chance of printing blunders, and offer life span of use also. Then again, if the cartridges are not unique, the capacities and parts of your gadget may get long haul harms.

Fix 2 – Check Ink Levels in HP Printer

Check the ink levels in your HP printer to check whether this is causing the issue of clear prints. At the point when the ink cartridge is vacant, printing will stop. Follow the 4 stages offered beneath to check the ink levels in your HP printer. These means will manage you in entering the Tools alternative. From that point, you can visit the tab of Estimated Ink Levels for find out about the accessibility of ink.

1- Put the plain lackluster paper in the "Paper plate".

2- Check Ink Levels in HP Printer.

3- Press the snap close to the arrangement symbol in the "Control board".

4- Go to the "Devices" alternative and press "Alright".

5- Pick the "Assessed Ink Levels" and press "Alright".

6- On the off chance that the ink levels are extremely low, you will require new ink cartridges.

Fix 3 – Change the Ink Cartridges

For the HP printer printing clear pages blunder, changing the old cartridges with the new HP cartridges can be useful. For changing or supplanting them, guarantee that your gadget is inactive. At that point eliminate the cartridges by getting to its entryway. Afterward, you can put the new cartridges and take a stab at utilizing them

1- Start the method when your printer is quiet and inactive. Eliminate the cartridge from the printer by opening the "Cartridge entryway".

2- "Contacts" and "Spouts" are not to be upset.

3- "Plastic tape" is to be eliminated.

4- Put the new "HP cartridges" in the printer.

5- Put the plain dismal paper in the "Info paper plate".

6- Turn on the HP printer by squeezing the "Power" button.


You may confront a HP Printer paper jam blunder yet no paper jam called a bogus printer jam. Around there, you can contact HP Printer Customer Support Number to benefit and fix the HP Printer Problems