Processes to Discover WPS Pin Number of my HP Deskjet 3630

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HP Printer Setup and Wireless Deskjet connection guide

While associating HP Printer on windows 10 screens incite and request "Hp Deskjet 3630 WPS pin". Be that as it may, the HP Printer client doesn't have the foggiest idea of Where to discover the WPS Pin Number of my Hp Deskjet 3630. When associating printers on windows 10 and current innovation because WPS Pin is secure and better than USB for remote printer clients. 

What is the Default WPS Pin for hp Deskjet 3630?

Step-by-step instructions to print a WPS PIN of your printer Deskjet 3630.

1. First FP turns on the printer and associates it with windows 10 gadgets. Presently to associate the printer with the work area. Simply press and hold the drop and Wi-Fi button for 3 seconds.

2. Presently printers have gone into the arrangement mode and go to gadget sets. Search for the Wi-Fi and check for the HP Deskjet 3630 status. 3630 printers simply click on that now it is associated and asks a WPS Pin Number simply key in 12345678 passwords and download the HP savvy application on windows 10.

3.  Go on that and search for the printer on the top on the off chance that you can't discover it there simply press the, also, to fasten and search for the name of the printer. Snap-on that now once you please screen goes for the printer setting in the alternative. Then, device segment and search for printer reports in printer reports.

4. Snap-on network setup and it seconds demand for the printer to print a page. Hang tight for HP Deskjet 3630 WPSPin show you that are on the top it says WPS PIN and useful for a short ways from the time. Just substantial if you are utilizing inside 5 minutes and if it lapses, you can rehash a similar interaction and arrange a printer again for print work.

Instructions to interface HP Deskjet 3630 printer using WPS Pin on Windows

1. WPS pin is not difficult to track down on windows for HP Printer model clients. Go to the control board and check the organization's status.

2. In the first place, check the power association among the printer and work area. Reboot it.

3. Press the wireless snap on the printer and see the flickering light maybe blue.

4. On the printer screen, a brief will open "Wi-Fi Setup" and select WPS Pin.

5. A WPS Pin goes ahead to the screen for a few moments.

6. Consequently, the WPS Pin on HP Deskjet 3630 is created and you are ready to print.

7. Download Driver by visiting 123hpcom/setup

Processes to interface HP Deskjet 2542 printer to wifi

Interfacing the HP DeskJet 2542 printer to Wi-Fi

1. Power on the HP Deskjet 2542 printer.

2.  Check if the printer driver introduced on your PC is refreshed.

3. Interface the PC to the wireless organization to which you need to associate the printer.

4.  Select the Wireless snap on your printer's control board and open the Wireless Settings menu.

5.  Select Wi-Fi Protected Setup followed by the Push Button choice.

6. Find the WPS button on the switch and press it when you get a brief from the printer.

7. Open the Wireless Settings menu on the printer's control board. Select Wi-Fi Protected Setup and pick the PIN choice.

8. Note down the PIN exhibited on your printer's control board and type it on the remote switch.

Step by step directions for associating HP DeskJet 2542 to Wi-Fi

1.  Force on the HP DeskJet 2542 printer and stand by until the warm-up period is finished. Eliminate any USB or Ethernet link from the printer's back.

2.  HP Auto Wireless Connect can likewise be utilized to associate the printer to a remote organization.

3.  Introduce the latest printer programming on your PC.

4.  Snap 'Indeed, send my wireless settings to the printer' on the product.

5. You can likewise utilize the HP Wireless Setup Wizard for interfacing the printer to a remote organization. Open the Wireless Settings menu and select Wireless Setup Wizard on the printer's control board.

6. Get your organization's name and WEP or WPA passphrase. Open the Network menu on the control board and select Wireless. Select your organization's name from the rundown of accessible remote organizations exhibited on the control board. Enter the WEP/ WAP key whenever incited.

7. The printer presently distinguishes the organization and associates with it. You can likewise utilize Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) to interface the printer to Wi-Fi.

8. The WPS Push Button strategy requires a switch that includes a WPS button. Catalyst the printer and press the Wireless catch. Presently, open the Wireless Settings menu.

9. Select Wi-Fi Protected Setup followed by 'Press button.' Now, tap the WPS button on your switch.

10. To play out the PIN strategy, open the Wi-Fi Protected Setup choice under the Wireless Settings menu. Select the PIN alternative. The printer will show a PIN for your organization. Type the PIN on your switch. The printer will presently naturally associate with Wi-Fi.


The Wi-Fi association for the HP DeskJet 2542 printer can be set up by different strategies. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup strategy empowers effectively associating the printer to an organization. Utilize the WPS Push strategy or the PIN technique to empower the WPS arrangement for HP deskjet 2542 wireless setup