How To Effectively Paint The Rooms Based On The Direction

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There are various colour schemes suggested by Painter Yarraville that could be considered when choosing the appropriate colour for various rooms of the house. The elements that need to be considered when finalizing the colour scheme can be the furniture, rugs, carpets, photo frames, exquisite art pieces, light, style of the room, the theme of the house and more.

The element that we are taking into consideration while choosing the colour is light. The distribution of natural light in the house is uneven. This needs to be taken into consideration to balance the intensity of light along with the colour of the room to create a complete look. House painter Newport often suggests the paint based on all this element to make the paint look more effective.

Here are some of the colours that house painters suggest based on the direction of the room to coordinate with the intensity of the light in the room.

Painter Yarraville

●    North facing rooms

The intensity of light: Never have full sunlight

These considerations are important to make the colour choice more effective based on your requirement. North is one of the hardest to choose colours for as they do not have a good amount of light all day long. The most suggested colour scheme for north-facing rooms is neutral, warmer tones like white or cream would do the trick to balance the intensity of light.

●    South-facing rooms

The intensity of light: Good sunlight all day long

These rooms have a lot of sunlight all day long, so they are very easy to choose a colour for. South-facing rooms have a wide range of colours to choose from, starting with warm tones, dark tones, and medium depth paint. If you are a lover of dark colours, then this is the opportunity for you. Choose the colour among these tones that work best for you along with all the other elements of the room.

●    West-facing rooms

The intensity of light: Mornings are darker, most lighted in the noon

Here choosing the colour could be a little tricky. Let us take into consideration the amount of time you spend in these rooms. If you tend to spend your morning in the room then you can have the same colour scheme you have for the north-facing rooms that is balancing the darkness with neutral colours. And if you tend to spend most of the time in the room in the middle of the day then go for the same colour choices that you have for your south-facing rooms.

Painter Williamstown

●    East-facing rooms

The intensity of light: Brighter mornings, noon brighter but with shadows

As consideration for the west-facing rooms, east-facing rooms also have a variable intensity of light. Using the same criteria here, if you tend to spend the morning in an east-facing room, then you can go for the colour options that you have for your south-facing rooms. For the rest of the day, you can choose from the colour options that you have for the north-facing rooms of yours.

Choosing the paint colours won't be easy but one can always count on house painter Williamstown for assistance regarding the colour scheme.

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