The steps to register a property

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“It is up to the registry offices to verify that the property documentation is correct. The good realtor cannot sell anything that is not registered. ”

The registration of a property is essential to show the existence of the property before the law.

In this process, it is the role of notaries to verify that the documentation is up to date to carry out the registration, such as, for example, the approval of the city hall and the city hall regarding urban expansion and the Master Plan. How does the property regularization process take place? Newton Marques Barbosa, vice-president of the Regional Council of Realtors (CRECI-MG), spoke with the Redimob team on the subject.

The registration of real estate is a fundamental part when the buyer purchases the property. What is the importance of regularizing a property?


Registration is essential, because you don't have a property if you don't have one. It is important to remember that those who do not register are not owners. The registry offices have the registration number, the documentation, the information about the property and if everything is up to date.

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In this context, what is the role of the realtor?

The good realtor cannot sell anything that does not have a record. The first thing the professional needs to know is whether there is a record of the property, and he sees this at the registry office. It is very important to be serious and work clearly.

What is the proper procedure to regularize the registration?

There are many ways, depending on the type of property. The real estate development only has value if it complies with Law 4591, of 1964, and placed the obligations to make a construction. It is necessary to register an incorporation and within that it will contain all the information, such as the square meter. In the case of the subdivision, he needs to register in accordance with law 6766. In this way, I highlight that the broker cannot announce the sale or try to sell if there are not these two registrations.

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After the plant is approved, the responsible person goes to the registry office and requires registration. But for this plant to be approved, it is necessary to consent to the urban expansion of the land and who determines this is the City Council of each city. A specific law should be created to allow urban expansion. This law must already be determined by the city statute, through the Master Plan, but even if there is a deadline for the municipalities to adapt, many still do not have this master plan, which is mandatory.

What is the role of notaries in this process?

The registry office cannot register if the process is not approved by the municipality and the City Council. The subdivision, for example, can only exist with the authorization of the municipality and the city council regarding urban expansion. It is up to the notary to verify that the documentation is correct, register and publish. The role of the notary is to convey to the public that there is an allotment there.