Vane Pump Manufacturers - Sliding Vane Pump: What Features?

Vane Pump Manufacturers introduction: The sliding vane pump design combines low cost, high reliability and easy maintenance. The principle of operation is simple. The slotted rotor is eccentrically supported in the cycloidal cam. The rotor is placed close to the cam wall, thus forming a



In order for the vane pump to function properly, the vanes must always contact the cam wall to form a tight seal. The centrifugal force provides some force to actuate the blade, but the force itself is insufficient. The hydraulic force exerted by the pumped liquid tends to push the blade back into the rotor. Typically, this is accomplished by determining the discharge pressure below the blade through a slit in the side panel or a hole in the blade. Newer models such as the Z-Series and PZ Series have blade/blade drives that allow the blades/blades to maintain a better seal against the cam.

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