Compare and Contrast Essay Topic Ideas -2021

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Every new year brings new hopes, opportunities, and challenges for us, 2021 is no exception

 Every new year brings new hopes, opportunities, and challenges for us, 2021 is no exception to it. For students, it has a different connotation. They need to do a lot of writing activities during their studies, so they have a keen interest in knowing the striking topics that they can write about. If you are looking for such topics for your compare and contrast essay, you are at the right place. This article will help you out in this pursuit. A compare and contrast essay is about drawing a comparison between two subjects. It can be either comparing the similarities or contrasting the differences between the two. An essay writer with good writing skills can face no difficulty in this kind of essay but those who lack expertise in writing may need help from an expert. Most of the universities offer a writing service in this regard that students can use to enhance their understanding of essay writing.

A compare and contrast essay requires knowledge about the topic, critical thinking, and an ability to decipher subtle similarities and differences between the subjects. Besides, choosing a working topic that can be debated and analyzed from several aspects is also very important for a compare and contrast essay. If you miss any of the above-mentioned points you may face problems in writing an outstanding essay. You can take help from your friend or elder brother but asking someone to write essay for me sounds odd. It cannot help you in the long run. Therefore, enhance your writing skills and the best way to achieve it to practice writing.

Following are some of the topics for a compare and contrast essay by a paper writing service that you can write about in 2021.

1-Single parent students are less attentive than two-parent students in the study

2-Virtual learning vs classroom learning

3-Online shopping vs in-store shopping

4-Prevention vs vaccination

5-Working from home vs in-house work

6-Pre-and post-coronavirus world

7-Working moms vs housewives

8-Uber taxi vs public transport

9-Reading vs playing video games

10-Texting vs oral communication

11-Virtual libraries vs in-house libraries

12-Seminar vs webinar

13-Artificial intelligence vs human intelligence

14-An addicted mind vs a healthy mind

15-Same-sex marriages vs opposite-sex marriages

16-Who is a better friend? A male or a female

17-Celebrations in pre and post-pandemic world

18-Smartness vs cleverness

19-Watching a movie online vs going to the cinema

20-Globalization vs nationalism

And if you are unable to perform the task then you can pay someone to write my paper.

21-Developing nations vs developed nations

22-Moms vs dads

23- Freedom vs parental control

24- School vs college

25-Teenage vs adulthood

26-School teacher vs college professor

27-Soccer vs baseball

28-Winter vs summer

29-Virtual books vs hard books

30-Democracy vs dictatorship

Selecting a topic for a compare and contrast essay is an essential part of prewriting. The topic must be comparable and its subjects must share some commonalities and differences as well. A good topic constitutes not very different aspects, rather it demands the writer of an essay writing service to look for subtle similarities and differences. For instance, if you are comparing football with any painting from the 1900s, you may not be able to write a good compare and contrast essay. Therefore, you should give considerable attention to topic selection for your essay.

These are some of the topics for a compare and contrast essay that you can write about this year. As discussed earlier, choosing a topic for a compare and contrast essay is very important as the whole essay depends on it. Students who overlook this aspect of write my essay fail to produce good essays. Therefore, selecting a striking topic for the essay is essential for getting high grades. 

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