3 Safety Tips When Operating The Scissor Lift

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At sites like that of the construction, the work requires a lot of equipment. Either for making it appropriate for heights or easing the weight that requires lifting by equipment rather than the workforce. Not every construction company owns every piece of equipment, instead, they choose Equipment hire Campbellfield to get the benefit of the latest equipment.

One such important piece of equipment when it comes to lifting workforce or weight to heights is a scissor lift. They come from a variety of heights as per the requirement. Scissor lift hire Millpark to make it possible to get the lift with different heights and loading capacity.

One thing that comes to mind when having such heavy lifting equipment on site is accidents. The reasons may vary, some may be unavoidable mishaps and the other may be due to overlooking the safety measure requirements.

You cannot control the first but for the latter here are some of the tips that would ensure safety as far as scissor lifts are concerned.

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1. Inspect the proper functioning of the lift before using it

Getting aware of the fact that something is wrong with the lift before it crashes lands along with the workforce is preferable. This is possible when you inspect the functioning and whereabouts of the parts of the lift before you begin the day.

This would make you aware of any requirement of the repairs or replacement before the damage is done.

2. Do not overload the platform whatever the need maybe

One of the most common reasons for the lift accident or any such sort of heavy lifting equipment is overloading the equipment. They are specifically designed to target the limit of the load that it could lift.

Loading it beyond the limit and the lift would start giving up and would eventually face an accident. Either with the workforce on it or with the load. So even if the requirement is urgent, it is wise to accept the delay rather than to invite an accident that can be even fatal sometimes.

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3. Make sure of scissor lift stability and maintenance

Scissor lifts especially require a leveled surface for stability while lifting the platform. Inspecting the site would ensure that the base is appropriate for the proper functioning of the lift. 

Another important aspect apart from inspecting the functioning of the lift is regular maintenance. It also would ensure that all the parts of the lift are not affected in any way. They could be corroded, bent, cracked, and more which can affect the functioning of the lift.

So, apart from the regular care, do as if the scissor lift that you hired is also well maintained. If not then make sure that the service provider would assist if anything regarding the lift comes up during the functioning.


To assure the safety of the workforce on site is the responsibility of the employer. Make sure that you and the workforce follow the safety precautions that are required when working on-site especially if you have Scissor lift hire Millpark on the site.