Path Of Exile: Expedition delayed on PlayStation

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According to previous news, it launched Path Of Exile on the console yesterday.

According to previous news, it launched Path Of Exile on the console yesterday. However, although the new extension was successfully released on Xbox, there seemed to be some issues that prevented the release of PlayStation. Earlier this month, Expedition officially appeared on the live broadcast on July 15. It launched the PC version on July 23 last week. It will launch the console version on July 28. However, according to developer Grinding Gear Games, the release of the PlayStation POE Currency has stopped.

The reason for failing to launch normally is the problem of the database. The postponement of the release on PlayStation seems to cause the POE Currency prepared by the players to not be immediately applied to the game. They said that they originally thought that Path Of Exile : Expedition would be launched on the host that day. The good news is that the launch on Xbox is underway. The bad news is that they encountered a shocking database problem. Because of this problem, it postponed the release of the Expedition on the PlayStation platform until the developers could solve the problem successfully.

They also stated that they cannot launch this field on PlayStation until they are sure that the problem has been resolved. Related developers are working to solve this problem in a short time. However, they currently estimate that they cannot provide a simple time for the launch on PlayStation. Like the players, they also hope that it will be available again later in the day and will be revealed to the players when the team has a clearer schedule to provide.

While explaining to the players, GGG apologized to the PlayStation community. There is no doubt that it makes sense to postpone the release of PlayStation to solve these problems. After all, no one wants a terrible game. During the waiting period, players can POE Currency Buy for their new challenge league. Hope that every player can have an excellent result in the game.