How to fight against the decrease in the level of leads?

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How to increase the number of leads (potential customers)? Before answering this question, let's take a moment to think about it… We never become clients by chance. Any act of purchase, even the most innocuous, is the result of an elaborate process that takes place in a period of


 We must make our future clients known and, in return, give ourselves the means to (re) know them so that we can address them. Here are the famous "leads" that relationship marketing it must, like a gold digger, pass through the sieve, to extract the mud, the nuggets. One point on all possible weapons.

Business reporting indicators

That's all, you have your "leads", now it's to convince them, to attract customers. By the way, I recommend our article on how to be successful in your business prospecting.
For that 2 parameters are essential:

  • The conversion rate (out of 100 leads, how many will convert to customers?)
  • The processing time or "sales cycle" (after how long will they become customers?)

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We know all this well. In the same way, we are also aware of the importance of measuring the level of lead, speed and processing time, since they only give us the sales forecasts for the next few months and, if necessary, the means to react sufficiently.

If 90% of companies are aware of the importance of measuring these indicators and monitoring them regularly, only 25% of them do so. Surprising isn't it? Especially when you know that this information comes out with modern native CRM tools.

With the economic slowdown, there is generally a significant drop in the number of leads. This drop affects even the least expected professions: my plumber confided to me that his intervention time had gone from 3 weeks to 1 and a half weeks (that's what he said, I'm still waiting!).

Accepting a drop in lead level today is mechanically accepting a future decline in orders within a few weeks or months. It is true that there is a solution to adapt the production capacity to a lower demand. In other words, the wind is getting stronger, we are holding our course and lowering our sails, but something tells me that we can be smarter, hold our sails and change our course. To do? How to do?

Increase prospecting power

This is the first idea that comes to mind. Hit hard. But this is costly and given the decrease in demand, each new resource assigned to this task is mechanically less productive than the previous one. The production cost of each lead is slightly more expensive than the previous one.

Related CRM functions:
- File import / deduplication
- Build / run qualification scripts

Buy the leads

There are many platforms to buy leads, but it must be recognized that the quality is generally not satisfactory, the prices and commitments requested by the suppliers are often exorbitant. Once the lead is purchased, there is generally very little time to validate the reality of the lead.

Related CRM functions:
- Lead origin qualification
- Lead progress tracking
- Warranty period alert

 E-mailings newsletter

Use sparingly as it can become a good misconception. We will focus more on messages and targeting (see the secrets of a successful email) rather than increasing the number of emails which often leads to increased subscriptions. It is much better to do 2 targeted emailing’s that each cover 50% of the base, rather than 2 general emailing’s across the entire base.

Related CRM functions:
Customer segmentation,
- Automated e-mailing,
- Measurement of click-through rates and unsubscribe.

 Use your customer network

Often read, customers are the best spokespersons for the company. They have a stronger conviction power than the commercial one because they are not considered biased and their intervention will have more weight and credibility. These clients necessarily know other potential decision makers. This relational capacity is often underutilized by the company.

Related CRM functions:
- Interpersonal link management.
- Possibility of connecting a lead to a customer
- Lead management

 Build a base of influencers

Each domain has its influencers, these gurus, these opinion leaders whose word is about them. Among them, there are, of course, journalists. From blogs to bookstores, from forums to press interviews, they have the advantage of being easy to identify.

Related CRM functions:
- Influencer management
- Possibility of connecting a lead to an influencer

Optimize your buzz and SEO

Many companies are still difficult to find on the Internet. Being well referenced in the main general and specialized search engines, blogs and directories, is a business of professionals who for a few thousand euros increase the visibility of the company. For this, you need to know what keywords are referring to and follow the navigation of Internet users.

Related CRM functions:
- Dynamic management and monitoring of the WEB site
- Tracking of origins

And then, we must not forget that in this business equation there are 3 parameters (number of leads, processing time, transformation rate) and that the decrease in the level of leads can sometimes be offset by a decrease in the sales cycle and / or an increase in the conversion rate.

In fact, we often underestimate the potential for optimization induced by the industrialization of the pre-sales process and its highly beneficial consequences on the ability to transform leads.

As we can see, the decrease in the level of leads caused by a difficult economic situation is not inevitable. However, it is necessary to have a good information system.