What is SAP MM (Material Management) Process Flow?

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Today we are discussing the foremost effective SAP module that helps in providing the automated process in handling the material management of the organization.


SAP MM (Material Management) is an important module of the SAP foundation. SAP MM is preferred and implemented by companies because it holds the ability to accelerate the procurement and material administration activities effectively, making a particular organization run functionally well. It can also be put into words that SAP MM Training in Noida has come into existence to fill the gaps in the basic supply chain process of a given company.

Let’s now proceed further and gather some basic information regarding the SAP MM Process flow.

What is meant by SAP MM Process Flow?

In simpler words, the SAP MM Process flow represents roles and the consecutive components that comprise this module.  SAP MM's components play a vital role in regulating the basic process flow run properly. Its components and sub-components are the sections that check several parameters have been followed by the SAP MM protocols or not. Those components are - Inventory, Purchasing section, Material Resource Planning section, and Master Data. 

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Likewise- its sub-components are as follows: -


  • Inventory- (Physical inventory and inventory management)
  • Purchasing section- (logistics, invoice, verification, and purchase orders)
  • Material Resource Planning section- (consumption planning)
  • Master Data- (Vendor and material data along with purchase information record)


Well, these names of the sub-components gradually reflect the task it does. So, a product must pass through all these sections to get the acknowledgment, otherwise, gaps will be found, and SAP MM implementations might not work effectively.


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So, with the listed information explained above, it is significantly understandable that SAP is a constructive sort, of course, that has a bright scope in the future. So, for a candidate, who genuinely wants to turn into an SAP MM Consultant, holding a verified Certification of SAP MM Course in Gurgaon will become a great move towards entering the corporate arena.