Professional choice: buying a golf club

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According to the rules of the game, a golfer has the right to carry up to 14 golf clubs. An experienced player knows that none of them is superfluous, since he understands that situations occur in the game, in which “tools of labor” that are completely different in shape and weight may

The main types of clubs

All beginners get to know them. Especially in our kids golf club:

"Wood" (English Wood - wood). Once upon a time they were really all wooden. Now this is not necessary at all. The main thing is that it be heavy and have a large head. The main purpose of wood is strong strikes at long distances (up to a third of a kilometer). It is not surprising that it is with this stick that the player, as a rule, begins the competition, striking the starting strike.

"Iron" (English Iron - iron). Most woods were once made from heavy woods, and therefore iron was lighter. Modern irons are also lighter than woods and serve for more targeted strikes (70-150 meters). This is facilitated by the shape of the head: it is more like a scapula. There are seven types of iron, designated by numbers from 3 to 9. It is rather difficult for a beginner to understand the merits of each newcomer.

"Hybrid" (eng. Hybrid). Wood and iron are extremes. Therefore, something in between both in weight and in the shape of the club head appeared. The main task that is assigned to the hybrid is the kick, which lifts the ball to a high flight path.

"Wedge" (English Wedge - wedge). It is not the wedge that is kicked out by the wedge, but the ball from various obstacles. The head of the club really resembles a wedge, but not always, since the main varieties of wedges are 3. Lob-wage - designed to knock the ball out of the "jungle" of sand, grass and other things. Sand wage (sand wage) - designed to exit the bunkers. Stepping wage (pitching wage) - allows you to make a "step", that is, overcome obstacles with a short (one step long) overhead strike.

"Driver" (English Driver - driver). With a significantly lengthened handle and a small angle of inclination of the head, which allows you to "shoot" at long distances relatively sighting. It will not hurt if the hole is still far away, and the space to it is open.

"Putter" (English Putter - hockey stick). Of all golf clubs, the least resembles a hockey stick. But this is all an early club, in the ergonomics of which everything is subordinated to the execution of short aimed strikes in the immediate vicinity of the hole, that is, already on the green.

How to choose a golf club?

The main reference point is your height. We need two of your personal numbers. The first is the distance from your head to your heels, and the second is from the wrist of your right (or left) hand to the floor.

It is better to seek help from a specialist. Even the clubs used by professionals are quite standard from the outset. Therefore, it is better to entrust best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers the process of adjusting the "tool of labor" for growth to knowledgeable people. For example, our country golf club "Skolkovo" will help you to do it successfully.

Try the club in your hands. Rate how heavy or light it is, what is its center of gravity, how it lies in your hands. It is better to do this in the presence of a specialist who will certainly help with advice.

Buy models made of steel and similar materials. They are stronger, cheaper and do not deform from impacts. Leave the graphite golf clubs that the pros play with for the future - when you learn how to play, and golf will become your favorite hobby, for which you will not feel sorry for very serious money.