How can you help your customers to keep smiling?

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Last Saturday October 5 was World Smile Day . So today we are going to try to give you some ideas to please your customers and keep them smiling using a CRM.

In fact, the first step to using CRM software is to have a 360-degree view of your customer to keep track of and store interactions with them. In this way, everyone can know internally what the status of this client is and the information is shared transparently.

However, these are only the first steps and we will try to give you some advice on how to go further and interact in the best way with your clients in order to strengthen your relationships with them.

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Stay in touch and increase customer loyalty

The success of the customer experience is defined by structured communication tools and actions. Of course, this can be done mainly thanks to integration with the business, but it can also be fun. Let's see what we mean below.

From a business point of view, a CRM system contains a wide range of information about your customers and how they interact with your business, including past activities, conversations, and purchases. You can use your CRM data to keep your current customers updated with company news, offers, or sales campaigns.

From a fun point of view, a great way to keep your clients smiling is to contact them about important life events. If you record information in your CRM in relation to your birthdays or any other life event that means something special to them, you can connect with them on these special occasions to show that you care.

Showing you care about them can help you increase your customer loyalty. (You can always read our previous blog on customer loyalty  if you want to dig deeper.)

Listen to the needs of your customers and understand them

Thanks to CRM software, you can use marketing tools to segment your customers and target the right audience with the right message so they don't send them impersonal information. For example, you can send them invitations to events or webinars dedicated to the service of the product they use. Another marketing tool is asking them what they think of your product in surveys.

First, this targeting will increase your response count, and second, your customers will also be more interested in interacting with you and providing feedback.

Once again, they will appreciate that you show that you care and help put a smile on your client's face.

Good support and quick responses

We have all experienced poor customer service where we need to be contacted and it takes hours to reach the right person and have a quick response to our need.

Thanks to a CRM you can reduce the uncertainty of the support department since you will have a 360-degree view of your customers with your records and information about previous interactions with them. In this way, they will be able to address them in the best way and better understand what the customer needs.

Another good support is to make sure you don't miss any customer inquiries and that you seamlessly track your questions to give them a quick response. For example, once a customer submits a request, you can configure your system to automatically send an email to inform the customer that they have received it. With a CRM you can set up ready-to-use templates, so that the manual work your support team needs to do is also reduced and you win everywhere.

Your client keeps smiling because you respond quickly and your support team is happy because it reduces manual actions and non-added values.

Customize your relationship with the customer

There is nothing worse for a customer than receiving unsolicited emails or content that is not relevant to him or her. This is the reason why you need to personalize your communication and try to capture their attention with pleasant and relevant content.

You can easily do this by adding the customer's name to the email, having an engaging subject line that grabs attention, and using custom email templates that make it easy for customers to read your emails.

It's "easier said than done" to personalize your emails when you have thousands of customers, you're right. But at least you can try to personalize some aspects of your relationships that you have with them and what you think are key to the business you want to do with them.

Think about your customers' pain points, or what they would like to hear, and create email content that makes them smile.


Today, customers demand and expect a high level of care and understanding of their needs. With a CRM you can create a 360 degree view of your client and ..:

  • Increase your loyalty
  • Personalize your communication
  • Offer relevant content and services
  • Give them good support and respond quickly to their requests

This will help you bring a great customer experience and help your customer keep smiling. Happy World Smile Day!