Online realtors are already a reality - See how the market is preparing for this.

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This professional works with different products and serving different audiences at the same time

To find out how this niche is operating, we consulted two companies that work with online brokers. At Tecnisa, online operations and investments began in 2001, but it was in 2004 that online sales were definitively established.

According to Gustavo Reis, Tecnisa's marketing and digital environments manager, today they represent 43% of everything the company sells. “In the first year it was 5% and in the last three or four years, we left the 20% level to reach the current 43%. The increase is due to the maturation process that people are having in relation to online sales”, he evaluates. In Reis's opinion, today people are more used to digital, especially due to the lack of time.


According to Reis, when the service is well done, the online system is very positive. “We work on training professionals and conducting care. When a customer sends an email, the response is given within 15 minutes. In chat, the answer is in real time. The online service is open from 8 am to midnight”, he explains.

The preparation for the traditional broker and the online one is different, according to him. The traditional works with a small group of products and one at a time, so he needs to know at that moment of information about a micro-region and an enterprise.

The online broker, on the other hand, acts on a digital platform, which can be done simultaneously for more than one client. In addition, he works with different products and serving different people at the same time, often in different languages, as nothing prevents a person from another country to buy a property online.

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To guarantee the quality of service, the company has a quality manager who prepares brokers for the entire process of using the tools. “We invested a lot in the internal training of the team.
I believe that it will be increasingly difficult not to cross information on and offline, since many people, before closing the deal in person, go through the website ”, he analyzes.

Setin's commercial director, João Mendes, explains that they just opened their own sales company, which started operating in August. “It is still a new business, but about 30% of sales are already made through the online channel. The expectation is that, by the end of 2015, half of the sales will be made online.