Players with insufficient budget can purchase these three amethyst-level guards

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Many potential players only joined the 2K basketball world in 2020. In the face of many opponents with super players, it is difficult to win without a good point guard to organize the team's offense. Players can buy the following three relatively strong amethyst-level player cards within their NBA 2K20 MT budget. After the team has an amethyst level player card, players will find that all aspects of their team have undergone qualitative changes.

If you want to pick an amethyst point guard with a gold clip badge based on height and speed and dunk ability and scoring ability, then the following three players will be the best choice for players. Their participation will increase the chances of players winning in the game.

Kirk Hinrich, who has 93 steals and 91 outside scoring ability, is the most balanced point guard in all statistics. Dennis Schroder, with 95 points, is almost one of the fastest point guards in the game. The unwelcome news is that his 6-foot-1 height limits his ability to dunk. Fortunately, players like his sports animation rather than his dunk performance. Players need to spend 4000 Cheap NBA 2K20 MT to buy him in the auction house.

With a 93-point speed and a 6-foot height, Chris Paul is undoubtedly the best of three amethyst-level point guards. He has almost no flaws except the average dunk ability. Players’ favorite is his motion animation and enjoyable jump shots. Players only need to spend 4900 Cheap NBA 2K20 MT to add him to the self-built lineup to improve the team’s overall organizational capabilities.

Every novice player with insufficient budget can Buy 2K20 MT first to get these three cost-effective point guards for transition. Novice players should not be afraid that the game will often lose. All they need to do is accumulate as much game experience as possible and 2K20 MT before launching a shock to a higher goal.