The combat level has become less necessary

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The combat level has become less necessary for OSRS gold the warband system currently in use. Warband players can be at risk of being assaulted by anyone. Legacy PKing is very weak in defense abilities, making it very difficult to defend. Jagex has plans to "revitalise the wilderness" however no specifics are available. Do you plan to reformulate your defense?

Do you think this is the place where all the money comes from? While I'm not an economist, I think it's reasonable to conclude that RuneScape is always subject to the effects of inflation. The Grand Exchange allows for money to be used by players to be transferred to another player. The money earned is usually derived from monsters, players or quests, and so on.

It can be solved by requiring players to return their money to the game, and also getting rid of the circulating currency. While I'm not sure regarding the Araxxor issue, I believe it's an excellent idea to offer incentives for players to use their money in a way that does not go to buy RuneScape Mobile gold another player.