How to get GO Michael Jordan and Vince Carter and the pink diamond version of King James

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There are many player cards in NBA 2K MyTeam that are very attractive to players. In the previous NBA All-Star Flash Pack, GO Michael Jordan and Vince Carter and the pink diamond version of King James are undoubtedly the strongest of three players. Players can spend 10500 NBA 2K20 MT to get a complete package. Or they can buy one of these three players separately.

Players who complete the All-Star challenge on Friday and Saturday will receive some other equally attractive player cards. Players can choose the Pink Diamond James card in the point guard position of the self-built lineup or the power forward position. They can play the Pink Diamond James card at the point guard and power forward positions. Ben Simmons and J. R. Smith are also two Diamond cards in this series. Players speculate that the appearance of PD James may push the game to a higher level.

James card has the advantage of body shape can help players successfully lead in the game. With 30 HOF badges and 28 gold medals, he is undoubtedly the best candidate for slight forwards in the player’s self-built lineup. Because of the popularity and strength of James, the final price of the card at the auction house was as high as 438,000 2K20 MT. Surprisingly, the Galaxy Opal Jordan priced at 375,000 MT and the Carter card priced at 260,000 MT are not as expensive as the PD James card. Those players with an insufficient budget can also reinforce their point guards in the self-built lineup.

It is worth mentioning that the best forward guard in the minds of many players is GO Ray Allen. They think Alan brings them a better sense of experience than James and Carter. Anyway, players who want to pursue these players are better Buy NBA 2K21 MT a lot. The next 2K game requires players to come up with a stronger lineup to deal with.