Six Reasons to Use Aluminium Balustrades in Your Home

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Aluminium balustrades are a type of architectural aluminium system that you can install in your house.

Aluminium balustrades are a type of architectural aluminium system that you can install in your house. A balustrade is a protective railing that is used around staircases, balconies and swimming pools. Aluminium balustrades suppliers in South Africa offer sturdy and elegant designs that follow South African building regulations. You also have the option to choose from the several modern and attractive designs available in different colours and finishes. (Information credit:  

There are several reasons why you must choose aluminium for balustrades, such as:


Unlike the several other metals used for making railings and balustrades, aluminium is not affected by corrosion or rust. Therefore, it can easily withstand harsh weather including UV rays and rain. As a result, aluminium balustrades are not damaged easily. They do not fall apart, warp, twist or shrink in any unfavourable environment.

Strength and Safety:

Aluminium is not only a highly durable metal, but it is also very versatile. The strength mainly depends on the alloy, but all of them are strong enough to provide security to homeowners. If you want to increase the value of your house from a structural point of view, then aluminium should be your first choice. As mentioned earlier, aluminium does not decay, rust or rot. Therefore, you will not have to worry about damage and the balustrades will be safe for years against environmental hazards.

Low Maintenance:

As aluminium is naturally strong, it does not need a lot of maintenance. Aluminium balustrades suppliers in South Africa already provide high-quality balustrades that do not require regular care. You can be assured that the coating on the balustrades will not crack, peel or chip. As for the cleaning, it is enough to clean it once a year if the balustrades are in outdoor environments. If you live in areas that are, for example, close to the ocean, it is recommended that you inspect and clean the balustrades twice a year.

Easy Installation:

Aluminium is a very flexible metal, which makes it easy for architectural aluminium systems manufacturers to cut, weld and machine. Not only does it allow them to bring out complicated designs, but also design simple systems that can be installed quickly and easily with a few basic tools.


Aluminium is a valuable metal due to its beneficial metallic properties, meaning that the balustrades are not the most affordable systems. However, their characteristics do offer cost-effectivity. You can do a significant amount of cost savings with aluminium systems, as it helps you save on installation costs, maintenance costs and repair costs. Moreover, since the balustrades last longer, you do not have to spend money on replacing the old balustrades once they begin to corrode, etc.

Aesthetic Appeal:

The main objective of installing a balustrade is enhancing safety, yet they also have the purpose of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a building. Aluminium balustrades are incredibly aesthetic and provide your house with an elegant and sophisticated appearance, which also enhances the resale value of the property.