Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers - Stainless Steel Sink Installation Precautions

When we buy stainless steel sinks, we usually install them for us after the sale, but when we change the position of the stainless steel sink again, the stainless steel sink needs to be installed again. How to install the stainless steel sink reasonably? Stainless Steel Sink Manufactur


Surface flatness, secondly, look at the surface flatness, keep the line of sight and the plane of the sink consistent, the edge of the sink should not be convex, not warped, the error is less than 0.1mm;
Accessories and accessories, PP material or PVC hard water pipe sealing degree is high, can prevent water leakage; the water inlet needs steel ball positioning, squeeze sealing and platform-controlled water removal, can quickly store water; overflow device can Make sure the kitchen is safe; there is also a sound-absorbing treatment, silencer pad or sound-absorbing coating is a good way;
The depth of the sink is also thicker than that of European and American households. The depth of the sink should also be considered, 200-230mm, which is more suitable.
 When installing the stainless steel sink, the drain of the sink must be left in the sink cabinet, and the angle valve should be installed before installing the sink. The second step is to connect the hot and cold water pipes to the faucet and the left end to the hot water pipe. The right end is connected to the cold water pipe. When installing corrugated pipe and braided pipe, we must pay attention to the tightening force and avoid excessive damage to the sink. Finally, when we install the stainless steel sink, we must carry out a check to avoid the incorrect installation of the sink when it is used. , causing damage to later use.
 When installing the stainless steel sink, you must pay attention to the above points to ensure normal use in the later period.

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