What is Cryptohands? Cryptohands is a way of making money in the cryptocurrency industry. It was built on the Ethereum b

Cryptohands is a way of making money in the cryptocurrency industry. It was built on the Ethereum blockchain.
On their website they say CRYPTOHANDS smart contract is uploaded into the Ethereum cryptocurrency network and even theoretically cannot be changed or deleted by anyone, includi




The easiest and fastest way to make money in crypto industry.

Minimun investment: JUST $14 (0.06 ETH)!
Coin: Etherum
Browser: Google Chrome

  • It is not an investment
  • It is not a trading
  • This is not a sale
  • It is not and ICO

CryptoHands Scam is impossible!

This is the verified and open source smart contract, where everyone can earn as much as he wants, whether it is a new iPhone or a new apartment. There is no need to return this money later.


Total profit is 10,086.00 ETH (Next: 10000 ETH). * ** ***

* The sum of 10,000 ETH is the maximum possible theoretical profit, which is almost impossible to do with a one-time passage through all levels, and the probability of getting it tends to 0%.

** In practice, in real conditions it is quite realistic to make HALF of this amount, and the probability of receiving it tends to 100% even with a full passage through the all levels.

*** But with the function “REPEAT”, the ability to make 10,000 ETH (and more, thanks to inactive referrals) tends to 100% for EVERY CRYPTOHANDS member.

Crptohands Review — The easiest and fastest way to make money in crypto industry.

Yes, indeed, such systems existed both 5 years ago and before the advent of the Internet, and they WORK. However, it had several major problems:

1) Different payment systems constantly blocked the wallets of the participants.

2) Manual confirmation of transfers with all the ensuing consequences in the form of the human factor and constant proceedings, who transferred funds to whom and who did not.

3) There was no recurrence. A person once created a structure and once received money, albeit relatively large. And then all the turns went deep into the structure, and the participant did not get any more.

4) Closing or hacking a site meant a system crash, and hacking sites sometimes happened.

Cryptocurrency and Ethereum solves ALL these problems:

1) Wallet can not be blocked even in theory. The reverse side of the coin: in no case do not lose control over your wallet. It will be impossible to replace your wallet with others.

2) Public transactions and instant automatic confirmations. The human factor is excluded completely.

3) We made the function “REPEAT”, which the participants themselves had previously requested in other systems. Once created a structure and receive income every year.If people in your structure do not prolong their participation every year — your income increases many times over. More on the page How it works in the section “REPEAT”.

4) Closing or hacking the site will in no way affect the operation of the system, since the CRYPTOHANDS smart contract is loaded into the main Ethereum network, and cannot be deleted by anyone including its developers.

This means that for the first time in the history of mankind (no matter how loud it sounds), there are real 100% guarantees that the account will not be hacked, and even theoretically when the site is closed, the Smart Contract and the System itself will continue to exist in any case.

Moreover, any programmer in the world will be able to make a NEW site based on the same smart contract, and any leader of the structure can make a site structure in the same smart contract. Therefore, the system is protected from any actions of the project administration.

CryptoHands Guarantees

If you build a large structure with which you will receive money every year, only increasing income and if referrals become inactive, then what KIND OF GUARANTEE you will receive that the site does not close or that the administration will not stop supporting the project?

Guarantee that your Ethereum wallet will NOT be blocked.

Ethereum wallet blocking is impossible by definition due to the blockchain features.
The reverse side of the coin: if you lose control of your wallet, no one will restore it to you.
We never ask you to enter your private keys.

The guarantee that your account in the system will NOT be blocked or hacked.

Blocking or hacking an account is also impossible by definition. Your account is NOT on the website and servers, but in the smart contract on the Ethereum main network. This means that no one, including those who develop a smart contract, CAN NOT theoretically even change, correct or delete it.
Information on the site in your account is available WITHOUT PASSWORD, and is uploaded to the site from the public statistics of the Ethereum smart contract.

The guarantee that you are protected from the termination of the site and the disappearance of the administration.

Smart, contract and your account exists autonomously from the site, and even closing the site can not make changes to the System, given that each of your withdrawn referral repeatedly increases your profits (see the example above in note 4.9).

Any programmer in the world can make a mirror site of the same smart contract.

Group leaders (both your upline and your referrals) can make a site for a specific team.

Each member is protected even for this point. Join now, while everything is just beginning!))