Key Components of a Case Study

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This blog is about Key Components of a Case Study

Students are more likely to doze off when they look at the case study section of their textbook. Case studies are often poorly described, which makes the entire situation dull. Case studies in textbooks are factual reports full of statistics. When I was a student I would often consider it impossible to turn these dull case studies into exciting online training activities. But, you don’t have to worry anymore, as I am going to write my essay and provide some important elements for you to craft a successful case study. 

Build a Good Story

It is one of the most important parts of a case study. You must be wondering how some dull information can be changed into fascinating stuff, right? The trick is to turn the factual information into a story. Normally, people love to read a case study only if it contains interesting and thought-provoking content. For instance, you heard the story of a man who was fired as he stole some supplies. Now imagine you heard this story in another context. For example, an employee had to rush to the medical center as he received a phone call about the severe accident of his father. While rushing to the hospital he forgot to remove his safety gear.

With the help of this interesting information, the entire course of the story changes. It shed new light on the incident. If you use such fascinating information in your case study, then it will ultimately evoke emotions to write my essay for me.

Use Realistic Scenarios

You must need to understand that people remember a scenario better when it contains an emotional attachment. People are unlikely to believe that a person deliberately steals from the company. You can use some realistic scenarios such as an employee stealing a branded car or computer as it enhances realism.

Note: Do not add unrealistic information while composing a case study.

Involves Interesting Characters

If you want to improve your writing regarding case studies, then you should give high importance to privacy protection. Privacy protection often compels a person to omit names from the case study. As mentioned above, an employee stole the company’s staff and got fired as per the company’s theft policy. Here, you can see that there is no relevance or emotional attachment in the story. You have to introduce some interesting characters to create an emotional impact. For instance, instead of saying ‘employee’, you could present him as a janitor.

Make Audience Think Critically

Remember! You have to construct a dilemma so your audience can think critically about the entire scenario. You can add a dilemma with the help of a paper writing service online and some questions as well. For instance, is it okay for the company to fire that person? Shouldn’t that person be held accountable for his actions? What would you feel if you were accountable instead of that person? These questions will ultimately make your audience critically examine the entire scenario.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Finally, you have to provide a conclusion or recommendation section for your case study to speculate on your observations. You just have to provide the gist of all the details in your conclusion. You can craft two or three sentences that can effectively state the outcomes of your study. It is beneficial to provide your own opinion in the end as well. 

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