The Basics of Writing Successful Movie Critiques

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Movie critiques writing is both fascinating and challenging. This article provides some advice on how to set about writing a movie critique.

Writing movie critiques is one of the most exciting academic tasks. For one thing, it involves watching a movie, which is entertaining in itself.

For another thing, it involves your visual perception which allows you to obtain much more information than you normally do when reading a book. But however entertaining the movie itself might be, writing a movie critique presupposes certain procedures that you should observe in order to get your assignment right.

Movie Critiques Writing: Watch the Movie

However ridiculous it may sound, watching the movie for purposes of writing a movie critique is not that simple. Consider the following:

  • always take notes during watching: it is impossible to remember all dates, places, actions, quotes, and impressions which you might need later on for writing a movie critique;
  • if needed, re-watch the movie for specific details.

Movie Critiques Writing: Conduct Background Research

Movies do not appear out of nowhere. Therefore when writing a movie critique, you should analyze the movie in a certain context, which may include:

  • a historical period;
  • a social tendency;
  • the director’s and/or actor’s personalities; etc.

Obviously, you will need to do some background reading and provide comparison (or contrast) of the movies with its background.

Movie Critiques Writing: Organize Your Ideas

Having both the film and the background information, start writing a movie critique:

  • introduce the movie title, genre, director, and any other relevant factual information;
  • provide a brief summary of the movie;
  • choose the focus of your analysis: the plot, the setting, the characters, certain scenes, manner of visualization.
  • illustrate your points with examples from the movie.

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