Yaks are excellent Range Xp, if you have done the search to get to them and feel great with losing cash

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It is good exp. However, the time it takes to find that xp isnt worthwhile. Im not sure on the level however pickpocketing master farmers is great and theres always a chance of RS gold a fantastic seed like ranarr. But pyramid plunder will be better. Barrows - I have been looking into doing Barrows recently, and I will be doing exactly the Slayer Dart method after I get started. What is some fantastic equipment/inventory tips?

I have not been on RS and the forums in ages and I chose to reunite after life has claimed down. I know this seems like an absurd question, but I have not played in more than 3 years so forgive me for that, I would like to understand something concerning the wilderness (and I'm sorry if this has been asked before). Is your wilderess no longer PvP? I am asking only because I would love to do exactly the treasure trails again and was wondering if I'd get attacked by players if I enter it. Meaning if I go from the wilderness in a non-PvP universe, will I be fine (with the exclusion of the revenants and high level creatures ).

Yep, you should be OK. I will add that when I do Wilderness clues, I leave all armour and weapons behind, carrying only my clue, a spade, and the sextant etc if it's a coordinate clue. When it's a clue where I'll need to fight a magician, I add only a weapon + anti-poison, and utilize prayer for protection. If trapped with a revenant en-route, I drop all but my clue, my weapon, and my chart (sextant and observe are easier to replace and/or I can make them in my POH). If I make it there safely, once I have dug up the casket, I DO NOT open itinsteadI drop things if needed to make sure the casket is among the 3 I'll continue departure. (Rationale for not opening it is that the items-kept-on-death assigns more significance to a casket than to a scroll.)

Ok I about to go and buy5-6 months membership like at roughly 2-3 hours . I've a list of goals that I really wish to finish I will start with my most favourte and most wanted. Can u just tell me the best way to do all them... thnaks. Goal1: 99 cooking, I currently have 74 cooking and have sufficient raws banked for to 84. I am thinking about doing lettuce all of the way like I will loose around 1.8mill all collectively. I believe I am going to do this in the burthope games room I believe where that banker is standing next to the flame that never goes outside.

Goal2: buy 85 mining, I now have 74 mining and I believe I am going to powermine the entire way. Is granite the quickest way to get exp in p2p? If so how can I optimize my time there cause you need to keep drinking and you can only carry so many water bag thingys. Goal3: get my account ready to make good money at aviancies. But I believe there are only three skills I need enhanced. 1. range to 70 2. Health to 70, which will be there by the end. Where are the perfect spot to train range and defence I am considering ( a small creature whos title has currently escaped my mine) that people train range on and camp there. Thank you for taking time reading this, sorry about all of the spelling mistakes in this, I am writing this quickly cause I going to depart and dont have the time to proofread.

Yaks are excellent Range Xp, if you have done the search to get to them and feel great with losing cash. A good alternate is Fire Giants which is exactly what I used from 55-70 and it took 3 days (playing about 4 hours each day, so 12 hours, even while at Yaks it might take 6 hours or so). The cheap OSRS gold excellent thing is, you may earn a profit at Fire Giants because of the Rune drops. I used the ones supporting the Waterfall (Can Waterfall Quest) because you can Safe them. Any installation involving Knifes that your Range Attack is going to be low. And I just use Knifes on my Pure. Hope it helps. In case you opt not to use Yaks, then I can come and keep you company on my own Pure if you like, 75 Range FTW! Add me: k0_rang4.