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How to Find an Instagram Account’s Profile or Post URL in 2023


Sep 21, 2023
Find An Instagram Account's Profile or Post url

Knowing how to find and use Instagram URLs can be a powerful strategy for increasing your social media presence. In this post, we’ll show you how to find an Instagram account’s profile or post URL so that you are able to capitalize on their full potential in order to maximize engagement with your audience through social media platforms like Instagram.

Understanding Instagram URLs

Instagram URLs are special web links that lead to an individual’s profile page or a certain post on the Instagram website. They play an essential part in distributing content, keeping track of engagement and steering visitors towards websites or profiles. These URLs constitute your online presence on this platform, which lets others find you easily as well as interact with either yourself or your posts.

We will be discussing three distinct forms of Instagram URLs – Profile URL, Post URL and Reel URL – each having their own specific purpose including formatting to make it easier for users to access & share content within the network.

To conclude, when we talk about using Instagram efficiently, then understanding how these instgram URLs work is fundamental hence you can make use of all its capabilities!

Types of Instagram URLs

An Instagram profile URL is the most essential element to promote your account and connect with others. This special web address follows a format of ‘https://www.instagram.com/username’ which can be shared, copied or pasted for other people to access your content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter etc. Post URLs refer to individual posts while reel URLs are specific URLs that link directly back to Instagram reels videos, both making it easy for users and marketers alike when referring their content within campaigns across multiple channels simultaneously.

Locating Your Own Instagram Profile URL

It is easy to find and share your Instagram profile URL whether you’re using the app or a web browser. Here, we’ll explain how to get access to your own profile link with both platforms so that it’s convenient for promoting yourself on social media and networking easily.

When you have the mobile version of Instagram, getting hold of your individualised page address can be done in just a few steps. Similarly, if accessing from an online browser, either way this ensures greater exposure across all devices! With knowledge of where to locate its url and being aware of methods used by others helps make any presence more visible overall via-a-vis unique URLs related exclusively with each respective account existing on Instagram.

Using the Instagram App

Using the mobile app, you can find your Instagram profile URL by signing in and tapping on the bottom right corner of your screen. This will bring up an icon to access your profile – which shows a username displayed at the upper-left side of it – with its format being ‘https://www.instagram.com/username/’. An alternative way is through generating QR code from within that same page: selecting “QR code” after clicking three horizontal lines located at top-right of this interface renders a scannable link for others to quickly view one’s account. Perfect for connecting new followers or clients fast!

Using a Web Browser

When using a web browser to access Instagram, you can always easily locate your account URL. Just go to the Instagram homepage and log in with your credentials. On the top right corner of the page, click on your profile picture then select “Profile” – this will present you with an address bar which contains https://www.instagram/username/. Copy that link down as it is where other people can find your profile information whenever they need it! The same process works for both desktop and mobile browsers – just copy-paste from that given address bar and share away! This allows anyone who uses any type of platform to view all details about one’s Instagram presence quickly without difficulty.

Discovering Another User’s Instagram Profile URL

Finding the Instagram profile URL of other users can be a great way to promote collaborations, share content from influencers or simply direct your audience to profiles that interest them. You don’t need special skills for this – you can find someone else’s Instgram page quickly and easily either using their mobile app or any web browser. We will show how it is done in both cases so that everyone has access without difficulty. Your own username should also have an associated profile URL which makes it easy for those who wish to look up yours too!

On the Instagram App

Using the Instagram mobile app, you can easily locate someone else’s profile URL. To do this, simply use the search function to look up their account and then tap on the three-dot icon that is located in its top right corner. From there, select “Copy Profile URL” which will transfer it onto your clipboard for sharing purposes if necessary.

Be mindful of whether or not they have a private Instagram as you may need permission before being allowed access to copy their link.

Through a Web Browser

To locate the profile URL of another user through a web browser, start by going to Instagram.com and searching for their username. When you have found their page, simply click on the profile picture, this will display the address bar with the corresponding URL that can be copied and shared as required. Please bear in mind: if an account is set to private there could be limitations accessing it so make sure that permission has been granted before sharing any information publicly.

Obtaining Instagram Post URLs

Obtaining Instagram post URLs is an uncomplicated procedure that can be carried out on both the app and web browser. Here, we’ll walk you through how to get hold of these links using each platform, so you are able to quickly distribute and boost your content throughout various networks.

By sharing a post’s URL, it’s possible for your target audience to access particular material, no matter whether it’s being placed onto your website or otherwise referenced within a blog piece. It likewise provides another avenue when referencing the same social media posts across multiple sites like Twitter or Facebook etc.

On the Instagram App

To locate and copy the URL for an Instagram post from your mobile device, access the desired post first. Then tap on the three-dot icon situated in its top right corner to display a menu with several options – including “Copy Link” – which you need to select in order to save this particular Instagram post’s address onto your clipboard so that it can be shared if necessary.

Remember though: posts coming from private accounts may not let you obtain their URLs without being followed beforehand. Ensure that consent has been granted prior to retrieving them!

Via a Web Browser

To obtain the URL of an Instagram post using a web browser, you need to go on Instagram.com and locate it. Then click on the three horizontal dots that appear in its upper-right corner, select “Go to Post” and copy the address bar’s displayed link. Make sure that you have permission from private accounts before sharing this with others if required. In terms of mobile apps, the same instructions apply. Though they may vary depending upon device type or version used for accessing them instead.


It’s important to be able to use Instagram URLs for marketing purposes, as it can dramatically strengthen your social media presence and elevate engagement. Different types of Instagram links exist which serve various objectives – whether you’re promoting a brand, or driving people towards profiles/posts, understanding how these work will help reach desired outcomes. Utilizing the power that lies within Insta URLs is key in creating a successful strategy!

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