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How to Add Captions in Instagram Reels Videos: Easy Guide

Add Captions in Instagram Reels

Discover how to increase your audience reach and make content more accessible by adding captions to Instagram Reels. Follow our blog post for the instructions on using Instagram’s built-in captioning feature or third party tools, so you can start targeting even more potential viewers! Captions in Instagram reels are a great way of increasing engagement levels with just a few simple steps – no matter if it’s your own native caption tool from Instagram or exploring other options out there.

The Importance of Adding Captions to Instagram Reels

Using captions for Instagram Reels can vastly expand your reach and engagement, especially among those with hearing impairments or who watch in noisy environments. Adding this feature to a reel video shows effort on the creator’s part. Plus, some regions of Instagram offer automatic caption generation making it easy! Many users view videos at low volume or without sound entirely- putting captions into reel videos will enable you to connect more closely with viewers than before.

Using Instagram’s Built-in Caption Feature

Are you aware that Instagram offers a native caption feature for your Reels? With this handy tool, it’s easier than ever to liven up and make more accessible the videos on your profile. Please be informed that only some countries can access this capability. While others need subtitles manually placed in advanced settings as captions substitutes.

To learn how to use Instagram’s built-in subtitle system both with Android devices and iOS units, we have compiled an easy guide here which comprises just several steps! Now get ready now to boost engagement around your instagram stories and reels through utilizing captions from within Insta itself.

Step 1: Accessing Instagram Reels

To gain access to Instagram Reels, simply launch the app and tap on the plus icon from your profile. Selecting “Reels” starts a new journey of creating dynamic video content, or you could opt for an alternate experience by selecting “Instagram Story” instead.

Once on the feature page, record or choose a video clip that reflects who you are artistically. With Instagram Reels at hand – let’s unleash our creativity!

Step 2: Recording or Choosing a Video

For making an Instagram Reel, you have two options available: either capture a new video or select one from your device’s gallery. To record the former option, just press and hold down the recording button found in its camera while opting for the latter means tapping on the icon in search of gallery to look out for desired footage stored inside your phone’s memory.

Moving onto the editing and viewing process, here we go!

Step 3: Editing and Previewing the Reel

When you have your video recorded and picked, head to the Instagram app’s preview section where it can be edited. Here is also where users are able to also add captions to instagram with the help of stickers on their reel.

For those who want captioning done on their videos, they should use this part of the App to screen in order for them to access its caption tool which helps put words into action seamlessly – edit & post!

Step 4: Adding Captions with Stickers

When creating a reel for Instagram, you can add auto-generated captions by tapping the sticker or smiley icon and selecting “Captions”. Once your captions appear, they can be edited to customize to achieve more accuracy and personalization such as font style, size and color.

Once customized to perfection with these features ready in place, it’s time to share the reel on social media!

Third-Party Tools for Accurate Captions

Instagram’s caption tool is often unavailable or inaccurate in certain locations. Third-party tools such as Mixcaptions and Veed.Io come to the rescue when you need captions for your Instagram Reels videos that are precise and attractive. These tools have many benefits not found on the built-in feature of Instagram, including being able to add manual subtitles for different languages and adjusting how they appear in your posts so that their message stands out more effectively than ever before! This article outlines both pros & cons associated with using these external services plus a guide on incorporating them into instagram reels automatically creating appropriate captions for all of your reels’ content.

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Pros and Cons of Third-Party Tools

When using a third-party application for captions add subtitles, it can bring both advantages and challenges. To begin with, the added features provide more options to shape accurate translations of your audio into multiple languages as well as offer you greater control in personalizing the subtitles. Also offered are additional editing opportunities such as fine-tuning caption placement or design for improved accuracy and attractiveness.

Conversely though, there may be stability problems that come up when utilizing external programs plus pinpointing between spoken lines versus nonverbal sound could be tricky if generating automatically generated text is attempted without help from an app expert which might take longer than expected – upwards of a few seconds more time spent on this activity alone. It also usually comes at some expense, so allowing extra time must go into getting comfortable with its usage too!

Despite these cons, those wanting superior command over their writing can discover much benefit by taking advantage of outside tools available. Especially since they grant users flexibility in constructing precise content while being eye appealing simultaneously!

How to Use Third-Party Tools

If you wish to add captions to your Instagram Reels, the first step is downloading an app such as Clips, InShot, FilmoraGo, Splice or SubCap. These apps offer several features and capabilities for editing caption text in a new project, so create one then upload your video along with the captions you want. Depending on the tool chosen by users, some may even generate automatic captchas that can be later altered if needed. Once finished reformatting them how desired download this version of it into reels and share away! With these easy steps now anyone can have their creative reel full of accurate translations available at their fingertips today!


Incorporating captions into your Instagram Reels can be a great way to level up the content you put out and boost viewer interaction. With built-in caption settings from Instagram or third-party applications, you are able to produce fascinating captions on Instagram Reels which will attract more attention and make an emphatic visual statement.

As you try different methods of adding titles along with unique customization options available for each one, new means arise in order for your Reel on Instagram stories to stick out even more. As well as leave a long lasting impression on your following. Don’t wait any longer – commence including captions onto our reel right now so that we may witness engagement surge!

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